How dare they come out with a better GS. I was at the dealership last week picking up some oil and filters and there it was; a new GS 1250. My 1200 is the pinnacle of bike excellence, modded just the way I want, two wheel perfection. My happy place, and my refuge from a nutty world. And BMW does this to me.
My guy says why donít you take it for a ride. I do. Iíve seen the videos and read the reviews. Theyíre not lying. That motor is amazing. I get back and Iím staring at it. Will the mods on my bike fit this new, sultry, temptress of motorcycle nirvana? Pretty much, oh crap!
I took a deep breath and had to say to myself the instrument panel is dumb. I like analog speedos. Took my stuff and went home. Gave my bike some new oil and filter love and told it I would never leave it for another. Itís taken me to too many cool places in some really bad conditions with nary a complaint. Canít part with it. But still.