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Thread: Off Road Desert Racing

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    Off Road Desert Racing

    I hope to one day go to the Baja 500 (or 1000), the Mint 400, Barstow to Vegas or maybe The King of The Hammers.

    I have been following the Trophy Trucks including the Pre-Runners and now the Bikes and the ATV's for some time. There has been quite a bit on the X-Game networks as of late. I like to see the technology and fabrication work that goes into producing one of these vehicles.

    The King of the Hammers- action starts around minute 6.

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    Iím a total Dakar junkie! I love the navigation rallies and have been giving $$ to privateers for over 10 years. I rode the 8 day Rally Mongolia and am hoping to run the Sonora rally before I get too old for such games.

    Iím not so big on the marked course Enduro style events.
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