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Thread: 2009 - F800GS - Fueling Up a bit of a problem

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    2009 - F800GS - Fueling Up a bit of a problem

    Every time I fill up, I have gas splashing out of the fill hole. The pump nozzle is sitting in there really tight. I see lots of people commenting with good humor, however I am yet to see anyone solve this... Is everyone just living with it and fills up really slowly risking a bigger spill? Thanks, Vlad.

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    I have the same bike. I always have held the nozzle so I can see when the gas is getting to what I consider the "filled" line. I'm hoping this keeps the overflow dry and trouble free.
    Never occurred to me to fully insert the nozzle with such a small tank with a lot of plastic parts. Probably doesn't help you but that's how I do it.

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    I do as OM does.

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    I removed the cap and took the plastic collar out and drilled a small 1/4" vent hole near the top. That lets me fill the tank easier without the air trying to escape past the gasoline being pumped in. Much less splashing and spitting.
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    I kinda started doing the same, not inserting the nozzle all the way. Thanks.

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