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Thread: Single track or double track in NC

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    Single track or double track in NC

    I am looking for locations to do some (mild) off road riding in North Carolina. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find maps or anything indicating places to do some off roading. I am looking for more than an unpaved road but not looking to get myself in trouble on a something that will take me over major obstacles. If you know of some places to ride please share them. Thanks

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    You are not too far from the Charlotte BMW motorcycle dealership (Motorcycles of Charlotte). You might inquire of them if there are good "GS-type" of roads in the area. Another option would be to check with Eurosport Asheville. They carry BMW and KTM and likely know of a number of good routes.

    Today at Motorcycles of Greensboro (formerly Carolina BMW) one of the sales guys was making a garmin map route of the TransAmerica Trail for a customer. He was differentiating easy and hard portions of the route.

    Info on the TransAmerica Trail and maps for sale can be found at the link below -

    Another source of GS adventure maps can be found at the link below -

    Links to mentioned BMW dealerships -

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    You'll find good gravel travel maps here...(asphalt, too)...C'mon over & have fun on trails/roads over 2,000' elevation!

    Cheers, 56667

    According to FB, they're in the process of mapping West Virgina -

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