Hi all, just joined the MOA after having some BMW bikes around for a few years. Several times I have found myself looking for info on bikes and was nearly always led here by the great algorithm, so I figured I should join up. (The Anonymous book seems like a great idea too!)

I'm currently riding a 2008 R1200RT which I bought in OR last summer, flew out and rode home with some detours along the way due to fires out west. I also just purchased a 1983 R80 RT which is in pretty solid condition but will need a few things most likely.

Previously I had a 2009 R1200 GS and a 1985 K100 RT, the R1200 GS is in the hands of another MOA member and I sold the K100 to a collector...I kind of miss it except for feeling cramped up on it.

I have some other brands as well but we can save that for another time. I look forward to meeting folks and learning more about my R80 from the group.