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Thread: Hello from So. IL (aka currently swamp land)

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    Hello from So. IL (aka currently swamp land)

    Hi all, just joined the MOA after having some BMW bikes around for a few years. Several times I have found myself looking for info on bikes and was nearly always led here by the great algorithm, so I figured I should join up. (The Anonymous book seems like a great idea too!)

    I'm currently riding a 2008 R1200RT which I bought in OR last summer, flew out and rode home with some detours along the way due to fires out west. I also just purchased a 1983 R80 RT which is in pretty solid condition but will need a few things most likely.

    Previously I had a 2009 R1200 GS and a 1985 K100 RT, the R1200 GS is in the hands of another MOA member and I sold the K100 to a collector...I kind of miss it except for feeling cramped up on it.

    I have some other brands as well but we can save that for another time. I look forward to meeting folks and learning more about my R80 from the group.

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    Welcome the forum and the MOA! Looks like you've sampled a little bit of everything that BMW had to offer. The R80 should be a nice's been said that the 800cc motor was one of the smoothest in the Airhead series.
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    Hello, and welcome to the MOA. For all things "Airhead", please consider joining the Airheads Beemer Club.
    Where exactly are you located in southern Illinois? While most of the IL. membership resides north of I-80, there are a few members in the southern part of the state, members in southern Indiana, and a very dedicated group in Missouri. I can help with questions and issues regarding your new, old motorcycle. You may contact me directly.
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    Iím down near Fairfield, close to I 64. Iím in Evansville, IN fairly frequently as itís really the nearest town of any real size.

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    Hello Wookiee I also live in Illinois about 120 miles west and a bit north of you in Staunton Illinois. Used to be around the Fairfield are a lot but don’t work much anymore so not in area as much.
    August 16-17 Illinois airheads are having another campout at Jubilee College State Park, for people who like to camp and like to go to the Peoria TT flat track race. It’s a fun campout race or no race.
    All are welcome

    See post in regional Midwest for more info on campout

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