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Thread: 2011 R1200RT - Scary Red Triangle with Battery Symbol

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    2011 R1200RT - Scary Red Triangle with Battery Symbol

    So Iím riding along minding my own business when suddenly the red triangle pops up on my display scaring me half to death so I pull over at the dealer who does my oil changes, tires, etc...(not a factory Motorrad dealer) and leave the bike with them. I was scheduled for an oil change and a couple of new Dunlops anyway. In reading up on the symbols, etc... I find this typically indicates charging issues however the dealership tells me the battery checks ok and the charging system checks ok however they cannot hook up to the computer to read the actual codes because they do not have the BMW equipment, etc...


    Is anyone else having this issue and is it worth traveling the 50-60 miles to a factory dealer to have this checked out or is there something I can try at home first? Bike has approx. 120k miles on it.

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    The very first thing that pops to mind is whether your mechanic has the ability to read error codes. With these computer-controlled bikes looking for codes is absolutely the #1 step when troubleshooting something like that.

    Edit: Where are you located? Perhaps you can have someone with a GS-911 come over and scan for codes? There's also some other rig that works via your phone but I don't use one so I don't know the specifics.
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    I was looking at the GS-911 devices however I am not all that handy when it comes to diy repairs so I am not sure spending $399 would be worth it. If anyone on here is in the Galveston, Texas area and has one I would be glad to kick in some coffee or perhaps a meal to run the diagnostic and save the trip to the dealership.

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    2011 R1200RT - Scary Red Triangle with Battery Symbol

    IF you have an Android device you might consider an OBDLink LX BlueTooth scanner and the appropriate interface cable for your bike, plus the Motoscan App from the Google Play store...much cheaper than a GS911 for your intended purpose,,,

    ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows and Android - DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics

    OBD2 Diagnostic Cable for BMW ICOM D Module Cable 10pin OBD Adapter for BMW,Qiilu Motorcycles Diagnostic Cable Tools Work with BMW ICOM or BMW ICOM A2 A3

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    Thank you for the recommendation, I will check those out.

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    The End is Near

    Tried to ride it to my preferred Motorrad dealer and it died along the way. Thanks to the MOA roadside assistance folks it is in the shop. Looks like the culprit may be a calcified battery of all things. Iíll post the final resolution when they finish putting in a new battery and re-running the system checks. Thanks again for the input and suggestions.

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    you could have run into one of these warning signs
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    2011 R1200RT Update

    After the rescue by MOA Roadside assistance and a trip to a BMW Dealer, the battery had a dead cel and ran down on the road due to a broken alternator belt. Dealer is replacing the battery and the belt and we will be back in action hopefully by the weekend.

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    Great you are all set.....and it was simple.
    Thanks for posting the outcome.
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