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Thread: Call me crazy!

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    It appears not.

    This Discussion may help:

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    It's not crazy to want another bike. And you don't need a huge displacement motorcycle to go far with all your stuff. My 250 "Fireant" does just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyfty View Post
    Thanks Voni!

    Here's one for you and your pit crew. How do you turn on the hazard flashers? I couldn't figure it out as there isn't a dedicated button. And the owners manual doesn't mention it.

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    A couple family photos

    They all got together for a photo shoot. The little GS is a welcome addition. The Akra really woke it up along with a few other adjustments to the slightly overweight little one. Still working on that issue.
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    Thank You Paul and Voni

    I have to admit a little doubt about the G 310GS and its ability to keep up even with an endorsement from Paul and Voni Glaves. I took a 20 mile ride before I signed the papers and just knew that the bike is solid and has very good legs and lungs, even for a 310cc Micro GS. I have to be nice and keep it under 6,000 for the first 600 but it wants to do so much more. I think we need a quick trip around Lake "O" to get tha break in 600 out of the way, it rains and storms everyday so I will drag out the rain suit before to long. South West Florida sucks for Summer riding.

    I immediately put it on a diet and scheduled weight loss surgery which shaved off about 30 lbs. I switched to an Akrapovic Racing exhaust, R & G rear fender kit and a few other changes. I added some Bark Busters, the OEM skid plate and engine guards and made a new bracket for the exhaust which let me eliminate the 20 lbs of rear foot peg mounts that would never see use.

    I'm hoping to see the Akrapovic exhaust heat shield pretty soon and will add a set of R & G bag hangers and some soft bags to complete my Micro GS fun machine.

    GS Giant beware as the Micro GS is aiming for the title.

    Thanks again Paul and Voni you are True Ambassadors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkjohn View Post
    Max bmw has some for 48 months at 0.9%. I'm in Dennis MA The Mid Cape. I washed ashore in 1986.
    BMW is offering 0% or $850 off. I ran 32,000 miles on mine last year...super capable bike!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyfty View Post
    I was at BMW Omaha today to look at a white 2018 G310GS that only had 1,300 miles on it, and had some desirable farkles. They walked me over to a 2019 and said that BMW NA was offering 0% finance or wait for this....$850 cash off, instead of the 0% financing. Asked if I could use the BMW MOA offer also, and they told me the offers couldn't be combined. So that made the 2019 close to the same price, until I made a counter offer on the 2018. So I now join the exclusive group of GS Midgets. Where do I order the hat? Now to find a new home for the 2004 R1150R.

    On another note, how do you activate the hazard flashers? I couldn't figure it out and looking at the owners manual, nothing is mentioned. Aren't they required by DOT?
    BMW of Omaha was incorrect, you CAN combine incentive and MOA discounts.

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