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    Call me crazy!

    Now I need some proof. I'm taking a serious look and Saturday test ride on a new G 310GS, I seem to be drawn to the "Little Thumper" since BMW announced the introduction. This would be # 24 in the stable that is all twins from '55 to '18 including an '04 Adventure, HP-2 Enduro, R 1100S BCR #68 a bunch of /2's and airheads and a freebee K 1100Lt which is becoming a cafe' deluxe. I'm not sure why I'm even looking at another bike to maintain and tinker with never mind spend some retirement cash on a few goodies to make it mine but I cannot suppress the urge to own one.

    I need some of the good and bad on the "Little Thumper" from some who own or have done some miles on the bike.

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    Voni and I are each over 15K on ours. Last year we toured from Texas or New Mexico to Washington state, Duluth, and Des Moines, and back of course. We rode to Lebanon, TN and then to Leesburg VA and then back to Kansas so far in 2019. We leave for British Columbia later this month.

    In Texas we have parked my two K75s and her R1100RS in favor of touring on the 310s. Their only weakness is headwinds and so were all my K75s. Just a shift to 5th solves the issue.

    Top speed with camping gear on the seat was 94 for her RED one, 93 for my black one. They will cruise at 70 all day.
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    All I can offer is the good since I just haven't found any bad yet. I don't know your riding style and the kind of roads you like to navigate, but I can tell you this, the little thumper is capable of it all. I love riding the back roads, gravel and section lines both, and the lightness of this bike makes it perfect for that. I know some folks complain about the suspension but I don't find much to complain about at all, maybe I'm less particular.

    I have the 1200GS and now the 310GS, and I find the big boy getting lots of rest in the garage while I'm out carousing on the 310. To me personally, the 1200 is too bulky and heavy for the gravel roads and its squirreliness on those roads makes me uneasy. Maybe I'm a wimp, but the 310 is so much easier to ride in those conditions. Another big plus for the 310 is even though the displacement is small, it gets up and cruises with the flow of any traffic. Like Paul mentioned, headwind can and does effect this bike, but shift down a gear and go. It'll get you there, and you'll have a smile on your face the whole time.

    On my last all day adventure on the backroads, riding with a friend who also bought the 310, I averaged 71 MPG for the day.

    So hey, you aren't crazy. Go take that test ride and see for yourself why people that already own this sweet little bike have such good things to say about it. I rode the 310R before the GS version was available, and I knew then that I wanted to buy one. I have a feeling you are going to be hooked after your ride too.

    So what color are you bringing home?

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    Our 50th Anniversary presents to each other. Just keep on keeping on.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Blue and White

    I stopped by the Dealer yesterday to pick up a couple items and it was sitting on the walkway by the front door like it was waiting for me to jump on and take it home. I will be test riding it Saturday while my Urban is getting a check up. So if I'm not disappointed it will be my new one, they have the paperwork waiting.

    I was a little concerned about the top end on them, I remember some feed back from a friend who had one of those 450X bikes and he could only get about 65mph out of it. Thank you for the quick and very trusted opinion on this both Paul and Voni. I am really glad you were available to share your opinion, I am sure the new addition will be welcome. I just have to figure out how to ride it and the Urban home on Saturday.

    Family photos will follow.

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    I think they are offering 0% financing on those right now.
    John Simonds
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