So I don’t generally take my bike out of the garage unless I’m going to burn up at least a tankful of premium fuel.
3 of the times so far this year I’ve taken Betty the Fifth out for a good long run, I’ve taken her over to
the Renfrew area of Ontario then across the Ottawa River into Quebec for 2 reasons: the ride, and cheese.
There is a fromagerie in Montebello where they make some really delicious artisanal cheeses. What the hell - good enough reason for me to ride 400 klix one way. The other good reason? The 400 klix return to home!
I’m fortunate to live about 34 klix from the south end of the nicely curvy road #507 and it gets better from there. Hwy 28 to Bancroft is pretty sweet but after that, yes, it gets even better. Once past Dacre, route 41 takes you to Matawatchan Road which is a nice ride along the Madawaska River toward Calabogie. Any road in that general area brings a smile as the terrain rolls up and down and left and right. Once you’ve had your fill of curves and hills, head over to la belle province, score your fromage and head for home. It’s straight forward riding through Ottawa and you might as well stay on the slab until Perth, away from the
built up areas. From Perth though there is some great riding to be found south of highway 7 along the “B” roads. Beats the hell out of the boring and radar regulated #7.
Just sayin’. It’s boring here at work right now.