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Thread: Saddlebags/Panniers capacity

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    Saddlebags/Panniers capacity

    Which of the OEM bags/panniers offered on BMW was the largest, in terms of capacity?

    I had a set of the aftermarket Krausers [the ones sold through D/Kirk] that were 40 liter/ea, I think? the actual OEM were 37 liter? Not sure about the next OEM's the ones that came mostly on the Mono-shock airheads & the first "K" bikes? They always looked roomy to me? Then the 'system' bags I now have on my oilhead are 33 liter?... the left bag was smaller due to the exhaust cutout , which I changed using a low-pipe.

    Still thinking about putting together an old just curious......Thanks.
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    One of the Similar Threads in the pane below has some discussion about capacity.
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