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Thread: Touring on Old Bikes

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    Touring on Old Bikes

    Good for these Guys.

    All of this information, is second hand and gleaned from a half a fuel stop by another touring MOA member, Bruce. Member #6??.

    These 3 Germans were riding from the East Coast to the West Coast. They were seen recently (6/19) on the Western Slopes of the Sierras near Yosemite. Their Vintage bikes were from the early 1950’s. Two were originally 500cc engined bikes converted to 600cc barrels. The other maybe was 600cc originally.

    I hope someone got some more details or captured their enthusiasm.
    Good for them for not “Staying Home with the Cat” !

    Don’t know much about these models so Zoom Zoom on their bikes.

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    Nice to see some history on the road!! I think the green one was an R67/2 or R67/3...might have bits swapped back and forth. The second black one is probably an R51/3. I think the last black one, with the accordion boot on the fork, is an R68...this is one of the special bikes built during the 1950s...only 1452 were built. The tanks are not stock but were available at the time...bigger than the standard tanks for more range. They're all plunger frame bikes.
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