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Thread: Best online retailer for BMW riding gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friedle View Post
    Doesn't your "local" dealer have telephone service to help eliminate your shopping "crap shoot"?

    Sure, I could do that...but why? I go to Sierra's website, check on what they have (including sizes), then place an order. I'm still supporting a BMW dealer.

    My dealer gets all of my service and motorcycle purchases, so it's not like I don't support them. When I lived in Seattle, my dealer there got all my purchases because he stocked a large inventory. My dealer in Eugene, OR has made the decision to not stock a lot of soft goods, so no problem...I'll just purchase elsewhere.
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    I support my BMW dealer whenever possible with one exception - - - tires. I buy my tires from Revzilla and install them myself. I usually replace 4 rear and 2 front tires every year. It saves me several hundred dollars and a lot of time doing it myself.

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    I made the mistake of mentioning the price I paid for tires from our then local dealer to someone at breakfast one day. He went to the dealer and complained. The next time I saw him I mentioned that he bought one set a year or two and I bought 4 sets a year, and maybe talk to me next time before he goes off on our dealer. We were in Texas in 2003, maybe 2004, and dropped our RS in a car wash and smashed the left saddlebag. Three dealers in Texas couldn't or wouldn't help us. I called our "local" dealer over 1000 miles away and asked if they would order a saddlebag so we'd at least have a replacement when we got home. "Where are you?" they asked. The next morning a new saddlebag arrived at our hotel lobby courtesy of FedEx overnight. They took it off a new bike and ordered a replacement for theirs. They even pulled our records and keyed the bag for us before shipping it!

    So yeah, I do mail order some things, but the majority of our tires and gear comes from our local dealer, EuroSport Asheville. Service too now that the ground seems so much harder to get to and away from. One just never knows where they might be when they need something, like a saddlebag.
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    Brick and Mortar

    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    And another local brick and mortar shop bites the dust.. ..
    yeah, I'd have a real hard time going to my local dealer to check fitment, only to purchase it online somewhere else. But that's just me I guess.

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    I try on different gear and sizes when I travel based on what dealer has available at that time. At this point, Iím just window shopping and researching. When I am ready to buy something, I then know what I want and the fitment. I donít have any local dealer, but try to order over phone from regional ones. As long as Iím close in price, Iíll go brick and mortar over the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    And another local brick and mortar shop bites the dust.. ..

    I never buy a product online that I have sized, inspected or examined at my local dealer, unless the dealer cannot supply the size I need. It's unethical!
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    Online Purchase

    I have done both -- purchased on line and purchased at the dealer. There are times where you just can't find what it is you're looking for unless you check the inter web but for the most part, I try to give my dealer as much business as I can. Why? Not because it's not ethical -- but because I value having a dealer in close proximity and I have a relationship with him and his team. If they were piss poor, that might change my view but I think they provide one of the highest levels of service and customer care of any BMW dealer I've dealt with. For a hobby that I love as much as motorcycling, I don't want my dealer relationship to just be transactional -- I want him to care about me and so I have to care about him.


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