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Thread: 2009 R1200R brake and clutch hose replacement

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    2009 R1200R brake and clutch hose replacement

    I'm working on improving my riding position and want to install a 2" pivoting riser for my handlebars. I have Spiegler front brake and clutch hoses with an additional 2.5 inches in length to maintain enough flexibility in the hoses. I have a GS911 but have only used it to clear codes and service reminders. I have flushed my brake fluid several times using the traditional method of pumping and releasing the bleeder valve with good success. I know I can use the 911 tool for this but have not done that yet. I also realize replacing the hoses is more involved than flushing the system.

    I have replaced the clutch master cylinder in the past and managed to get that bled properly so that the clutch works fine. I'm more concerned with the brake line replacement.

    I'd like some advice on replacement of the brake hose and properly refilling the brake system as well as any other things I should consider while installing the risers.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts !


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    Have a try at some of the threads at the bottom of the page. There is quite a number of “brake bleeding” threads that have been “tagged” in the “Tag Cloud”.
    Good luck.
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    When I put my risers on my 2013 R1200R I needed a new brake line as well. When I replaced it I took the old one off making sure that I did not get ANY brake fluid on my paint. I put the new one on and installed just the top fitting. I then held the hose up and pumped the brake lever to get the fluid in the hose. When fluid came out of the hose I then hooked the end of the hose to the master cylinder. From there I bled the brake system. I have a GS911 but I did not use it. Put the bike on the center stand turn on the ignition and turn the back wheel while you are applying the back brake. The ABS system will think the front wheel is locked up and pulse the ABS. Do this a few times and re-bled the brakes. The will run fluid thru the ABS system. Good Luck

    Roger L

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