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Thread: Airhead valve spring compressor

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    Airhead valve spring compressor

    What do you use for a valve spring compressor? I just picked up an 1973 R75/5 and need to get the valves out. I have an old automotive compressor but it's too big, and alternatives I've tried so far are junk.


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    John -

    Welcome to the forum and good catch on the R75/5! I would suggest that you google "bmw motorcycle airhead valve spring compressor" to get some ideas...maybe you can fashion one.

    Also, check out some of the videos in the link in my signature's the link, though:

    I don't see anything head related off the bat, but there might be something. If you run across any videos or pages by Brook Ream, check everything out. He's meticulous in documenting his work. Can't say as I've seen him do valves before, but if he has, he'll be along shortly with a link.
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