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Thread: Denali Cansmart specs?

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    Denali Cansmart specs?

    The Denali Cansmart has 4 connections. Their documentation mentions a custom "simple circuit" mode for powering ad hoc devices. I have searched, but cannot find, the maximum power limitation for this mode. Can somebody tell me the max amperage?

    TIA, Cap

    Update: I found some documentation. The horn circuit is rated for 25 (!) amps. That is not likely to be continuous... but they do support 10 amps continuous draw on a light circuit.
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    The circuits are 2 x 4A and 2 x 10A. The horn circuit can power the horn (up to 25A but just don't try to play concierto with it or it'll trip).

    The new GenII EZCan, which now uses the same connectors as the Denali, allows you to assign any of the four outputs for whatever amperage is needed. I believe this is 10A or 4A assignable to any of the outputs with a total of 25 continuous for all four combined (higher peak for man-horns). I really like this flexibility. They have the ones for the oil-cooled bike in stock now though they might not be on the website yet. I just got mine a couple of days ago and am replacing my CanSmart with it.
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