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Thread: Camera mount options on a 2015 R1300RT

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    Camera mount options on a 2015 R1200RT

    I am wondering if any 2014+ RT owners out there have found a convenient location to mount a GoPro on their bike?

    I have been playing around with the idea for a while now and have seen several different options although most of them don't seem realistic on the RT. Most options that I have come across involve using the control mounts i.e., where a mirror would go to bolt on a mount post of some sort. The problem is that you would not get a nice front view for this location so most of your video would be from slightly off to the side. Maybe I will just give this a try and see how i like it. This is one example of a control mount that I came across

    Another option I saw was a mount that installed in the front fairing under the headlight: this one looks interesting but quite pricey.

    Any / all ideas are welcome.

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    FWIW: I honestly haven’t found a good bike mounted solution. The best so far for my ‘17 RT is on the left front fairing using a suction cup mount. The best location I have have found in general is the top of my helmet. Gives a view of the dash in addition to the road and gives the most “sense” of motion.

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