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I'm fine with the way it was handled. It was up to the individual to decide if they wanted to make a donation and as a thank you they received a patch.
It can't be cheap to make 6,000 to 7,000 patches each year.
It a lot of money spent for the few who want a patch.
Like Paul, many members just toss the patch in a draw when they return home.
Ok I'm guilty. I was a first timer didn't know what to do so I.stopped in the building where they sold those. They said it was a wait to sew it on but buy one now if you want it since they might not last. I bought one. I don't know what charity it went to or if I agree with it. I never went back to sew it on. Now it's still in the mug on my desk with the pin. Now that I see this is a "thing" maybe I will get some more (I have stuff from other clubs) and sew it on a different jacket.

Maybe a cool jeans jacket. To ride to the coffee shop on the Airhead I currently don't have.