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Thread: Rally Patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I'm fine with the way it was handled. It was up to the individual to decide if they wanted to make a donation and as a thank you they received a patch.
    It can't be cheap to make 6,000 to 7,000 patches each year.
    It a lot of money spent for the few who want a patch.
    Like Paul, many members just toss the patch in a draw when they return home.
    Ok I'm guilty. I was a first timer didn't know what to do so I.stopped in the building where they sold those. They said it was a wait to sew it on but buy one now if you want it since they might not last. I bought one. I don't know what charity it went to or if I agree with it. I never went back to sew it on. Now it's still in the mug on my desk with the pin. Now that I see this is a "thing" maybe I will get some more (I have stuff from other clubs) and sew it on a different jacket.

    Maybe a cool jeans jacket. To ride to the coffee shop on the Airhead I currently don't have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R65_Steve View Post
    I don't know what charity it went to or if I agree with it.
    The proceeds were part of the amount given to the charity serving kids with disabilities feted during the closing ceremonies.
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    Like others, I have old Rally patches in a bag. If you want them, contact me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    While I agree about the patch, I have long been dismayed by the pattern of stinginess I see among our rally goers. In Terlingua, Texas 80 or so Ford Cobra owners gather every year and raise tens of thousands of dollars for local schools, EMTs, etc. Most years our rally generates less than $1 per attendee and that includes the club contributions, sewing booth, etc. I was elated when this year we actually got the total a bit over $3 per attendee. When our culture as a whole becomes "all about me" instead of "all about we", our culture is the lesser for it.

    As for patches, between us Voni and I have a few over 60 of them in bags and drawers but have never sewn one on anything. YMMV.
    I agree Paul, it should be WE not me!

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