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Thread: 1978 R100RS Cafe wiring question

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    1978 R100RS Cafe wiring question

    When I unhooked the wiring harness removing the rear cowl this little wire pulled loose from the turn signal and brake light wires, black and yellow wires.
    Just confirming that when I reattach I will connect the wire to the negative battery terminal. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Loose wire.jpg
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    Better find out what's on the other end of those wires first - those are Not stock BMW colors, and you don't want to let the smoke out...

    My schematic (which is not "RS"-specific but is supposed to cover '78) shows:
    brown = ground
    blue w/ a black runner = right turn sig
    blue w/ a red runner = left turn sig
    gray w/ a black runner = tail light
    green w/ a brown runner = brake light

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