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Thread: emgo mufflers

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    jimmy armour
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    emgo mufflers

    Hi Guys, I have just purchaced a set of Emgo mufflers for my 1977 r100 s and was wondering has anyone any sugestions to help quietening them down I new they were noisier than the originals and my last set Italian Sito but they sure boom, thanks in advance Jimmy

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    Slow down!
    I've had Emgo silencers on my R90/6 8 years, & even with the 1000cc Siebenrock kit they are not much louder around town than the stock were.
    They do pipe up much like a souped up '77 Bonneville (with stock exhaust) did, once the throttle was opened up.
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    jimmy armour
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    exaust note

    yes Bill I agree, with you, I guess I have been riding the R1100rt bought a couple of years ago, and my son is riding the airhead so I am sometimes following the airhead and notice the roar more,but I have followed a lot of airheads over the last 50 years and never heard such a blast, even with my mufflers drilled out to release a little more power, I knew the Emgo,s were loud for years but the price was right, anyhow have them now my son is going to takeover the R1100 and I will go back to the R100s/rt ear plugs help greatly, thanks for answering Jimmy

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