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Thread: Lost item found after the National

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    Lost item found after the National


    I hope I am posting this in the right place if not moderators feel free to move this and /or duplicate it to other posting areas.

    If you were at the first wayside on I65 in Indiana going North at about 10am on Sunday and are missing something, please identify what you are missing and I would be happy to send it to you. It is too valuable to just keep myself. I am not sure but I think it belongs to the husband and wife who talked to me, as I was pulling a Bunkhouse camper, as it was found about where your bike was parked. I am not even sure if you can PM me from this site, so I will check back every couple of days if I don't get a PM from here, as I rarely come to the MOA site even though I am a long time member. If you know of anyone Northbound on I65 Sunday morning who is complaining about losing something please tell them to look at this post.
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    Maybe you should post this in the rally forum.
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    I agree, you might want to try the Rally Forum.


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