I filled it up with premium no alcohol. Road 8 miles to my garage, placed it on the center stand. Next day I noticed a fuel smell and a three inch spot on the floor. Spot was fuel and some oil residue. Fuel was running down the right side of the engine, just above the oil fill plug, above the visible fuel lines and connections, I cleaned up the fuel with towels. Oil level was center of site window. After several days of no leaking, I moved it outside and it started and ran normally with no leaking, I rode it 75 miles, with no problems. When back, i still noticed a fuel smell, but couldn't see any leaks. I added more fuel on my last ride but did not fill it. I left it on the side stand overnight. The next morning, another gas/oil spot under the engine. Back on the center stand, oil level is higher than it was. I plan on draining the oil to see if it has fuel in it. Ideas? Could this be from the fuel rail still having pressure even with the engine off? Thanks