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Thread: Story of a new guy - when small things matter

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    Story of a new guy - when small things matter

    I have a new-to-me 2012 F800GS. In excellent shape, runs awesome. Being a conscientious new owner I decided to make sure my toolkit had the right stuff and proceeded to takeoff the various bits to access the air filter, battery and spark plugs. No issues, no drama. Removed battery, checked to make sure my plug wrench it etc etc. Put it all back together and now when the bike starts, it misfired a couple of time then stoped.

    I assumed that I had left a connector off or loose, but for the life of me, I couldn't locate the culprit.

    Here is some other data:
    1. Bike started and idled fine on either cylinder by itself (I thought I might have done something to the coil). Could unplug either side, with no problem starting/idle. Both in...unhappy!.
    2. Double checked every connector I could find. No probs found.
    3. Bike came with a gs911 gismo. No faults coming up (which makes me wonder how useful this gadget is).

    Tried starting with air intake all snug and also hanging off the bike. No changes either way. For starting and idling the only thing that makes a difference is two cylinders vs one.
    Must some sort of timing issue by the behaviour, but from where?.

    Given I actually didn't do anything to any setting, adjustment etc, I must have dislodged something. I was hoping there is some semi-secret "everyone who has a bmw knows not to ....." answer.

    Searched the forums but nada.

    Turns out it was an FNG problem. (F$@k'n New Guy).

    The little hoses at the bottom, seat-side of the air take system that I mistook for vents were actually vacuum lines for timing. A buddy came over for a fresh set of eyes. After a few minutes he asked about them. Re-connected..viola! Runs like a charm.

    Something simple but easy to miss if you don't know better.

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