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Thread: New Member 2012 R1200GSA

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    New Member 2012 R1200GSA

    Hello everyone! Excited to look around to see what the forum has to offer.

    I have always dreamed of owning a GS and finally found a used one for a good price and low miles. Couldn’t be happier.

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    Welcome to the Forum, Sir!

    As previously stated, get familiar with your 'new-2-U' wheels, and think about taking some Rider Training. It never hurts to be taught a few tricks by a Good Trainer/mentor. Since I don't know where you hang your spurs, you'll have to Google them. I know there are Street or Dirt trainers in these states: Conn, MD, NC, CO, Cal & SC to name some that I can think... Some will even rent you their machines to abuse! We're all never too old to learn new skills on new bikes or change some Bad Habits...

    Ciao! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    Huntsvile, aka Rocket City, Celebrating 50 years since Apollo 11...

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