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Thread: What do you do with your helmet?

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    Motel 6, not even on my list of places to stay!

    There is one in our city. At least every month the cops are over there busting someone for drugs or prostitution. I would feel safer sleeping on a bench in the city park!

    Lol...we had to stay at one on the way home from California last month...we got a ton of rain and were kinda desperate....the highlight was a dude masterbating in his window looking

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    Motel carpeting

    Once stayed in an on the beach motel during the Daytona gathering not cheap. The carpet was black. Don’t know if it left the mill that way or not. We figured out that some guests parked their oil dripping machines inside creating or adding to it’s dark hue. I suppose that this would have the benefit of discouraging viruses & other germs.

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