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Thread: 2001 K 1200 rs windshield

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    2001 K 1200 rs windshield

    I'm looking to replace the windscreen on my 2001 K 1200 rs, anybody know of suppliers for after market replacements on a bike this age.

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    Parabellum Sheild

    I acquired my 2001 K12RS late last year and installed the Parabellum replacement screen about a month ago. I had loved the Parabellum screen I had on my early 90's R100GS and figured I'd go with them again for the new ride. Installation was straight forward, though the fit to the bike seems a bit awkward (I sent pictures to them and was assured all was as it should be). The new screen doesn't adjust from lower to upper position as snappily as the stock one, but it does stay where you put it. I'm 6'1" with seat in higher position and bar-bax, and with the "tall" version of their replacement screen, my head is squarely in the wind on the lower setting, and half in half out on the higher setting - I usually stick with lower position for the cleaner air, but the higher position offers a bit more ventilation to the body, as air comes up under the front of the screen more.
    All in all, it's better for me than the stock screen, but doesn't offer as much protection as I had hoped.

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    Just curious how tall is the parabellum is like total inches. I am looking for a taller screen and i am trying to figure out how tall each one that each company makes is. I have one that is 15 in tall which is I think the comfort shield but doesn't even come close for wind protection. So I am looking for one a little taller but does not look horribly ugly or deformed on the bike. Thanks for any information you can give me.

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    Aeroflow had the best screens, but no longer make them for the RS/GT bikes. I have a tall Parabellum on my 2004GT. It is a big improvement over the OEM screen, much less buffeting, but the Parabellum is more curved (side to side) than the OEM screen so I still get a little more side draft than I like. That said, it is enough of an improvement to be worth the money—and the company is great to work with. If you buy the Parabellum, use a drop of low-strength Loctite on the 4 nuts that attach the screen hardware to the windshield mounting arms of the bike.

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