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Thread: A basic oil question (yes, I said that!)

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    A basic oil question (yes, I said that!)

    After two oil changes using the standard BMW oil, I started ordering servicing kits from Beemerboneyard for my 2016 GSA. I've used the Liquid Moly Racing Synth 4T 5W-40 oil that you can get with these kits for probably the last three oil changes. I've learned to live with the somewhat noisy valves (yes, I had them checked at the dealer recently so I know they're in spec).

    My question is this: Has anyone used a synthetic oil that noticeably quieted the top end (er... side end) on your Wethead? Any recommendations out there? Coming up on my 24,000 mile service and was considering going to a different brand of oil to see if things will quiet down a bit.
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    Disclaimer: I don't own a Wethead...

    But every one I've ever heard running makes a very slight mechanical clatter (I think it's the cam drive chain?) as compared to my Camhead that sounds like a sewing machine. I don't think oil is going to change that. Further, I read that the new ShiftCam engine has a different kind of chain that it go back to that "sewing machine" sound.
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    I’ve been using the rebranded shell for the last 2 changes, next change going to Rotella T6 5-40 meets Bmw specs and a lot less expensive

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    What does the book call for?
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    I used Motul "7100" 5W-40 full synthetic, ester type. It meets all BMW specs. It's red in color. I had to double check to make sure it was motor oil! I got it from Amazon.

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    In todays world with thinner wt oils you'll hear more noise. The heavier oils while they may quiet an engine do not lubricate as well or as soon on startup. I'd take a good 5-40 ester any day and allow its intrinsic properties to do the work and live with the noise. With the tighter clearances you really do need a thinner oil. They will let more valve noise thru.

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    In Voni's 1,100,000 miles and my meager 950,000 miles I always preached, and still do, meet the BMW specs and you will be just fine. Try the Internet of Forum favorites, maybe not so much, unless the forum wisdom also meets specs.
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    Rotella is evidently not recognized as meeting JASO standards as their label proclaims.

    from:Toda, Yuka(JALOS)


    cc:Hidan Sigenori ,


    date:May 7, 2019, 11:10 PM

    subject:Re: shell Rotella MA rating

    Dear Mr. Mike Spurgin,

    Please refer to the Implementation Manual on our web-site ---

    Motorcycle Four Cycle Gasoline Engine Oil

    (*Please see page 1 “NOTICE” and page 11 – 4.8 “Quality Assurance”.)

    As far as we recognize now, the product you have mentioned is not listed, "Shell Rotella or it's directives", on our on-file list.

    Based on the description in our implementation manual, this is all we can tell you at this time. We have no concern in the oils that are not in our on-file certification list.

    We would advise you to ask the oil manufacturer.

    Best regards,


    Yuka Toda (Ms.)


    JALOS-Japan Lubricating Oil Society
    2-16-1 Hinode, Funabasi-shi
    Chiba 273-0015, Japan
    Fax: +81-47-431-9579
    Kevin Huddy
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    Thanks for the replies.
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    Had to look it up, BMW's own Advantec motor oil and Amsoil aren't on the list either.


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    Both my brother and I find that the LiquiMoly oil makes our '18 GSA's shift better vs the BMW oil when using the Shift Assisit Pro. It is just our observation so YMMV...
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