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Thread: new member with a R1100Rs 2001

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    new member with a R1100Rs 2001

    I have just bought my 5th BMW and already had to replace the Hall Effect sensors due to really rubbish wiring. This did come as a bit of a surprise as i have always had a fairly high regard for the marque. Replaced it with the waterproof guaranteed for life of the bike one and also made the ignition timing and flywheel lock whilst i was at it. I love this bike!! It is the most fun Beemer i have had and a joy to run.

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    Welcome to the forum. The R1100RS is a great bike. If you had looked over this Oilhead forum and other Oilhead forums you would not have been surprised about the need to replace the HES. There are other components that are known to need replacing. Original rubber brake hoses must be replaced. Left side cam chain tensioner. Doesn't take anything away from the RS (or the RT) being a great bike. 18 year old bike - it's going to need some fixing up.
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