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Thread: New Member: Annapolis MD

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    New Member: Annapolis MD

    First MOA membership. Third BMW bike and re-entering riding after a hiatus of 10 years. Traded an older GS on new R1200RT that I absolutely enjoy. Wish I still had the GS but I am 100% street/touring and find the RT an absolute perfect machine for me.

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    Good Luck in your neck of the woods with that shiny, new purchase!

    - - > Did U get it from Bob's since he's likely your closest dealer?

    We have just now put our house in Ft Wash on the market (7th); happy to be away from the DC TRAFFIC in HSV!

    Happy Trails & perhaps you'll find the wherewithal to ride your bike to Lebanon, TN {This Week}!

    Ciao, HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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    Thank you! Currently up at Formula1 Grand Prix in Montreal. Will definitely to make it next year.

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    Welcome to the MOA! Be sure and wave while at the race...I'll look for you on TV!
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    mine-ineye-deatheah-pielayah-jooa-kalayus. oolah-minane-hay-meeriah-kal-oyus-algay-a-thaykin', buddy!

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