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Thread: Buzzing from Coil on '83 R80 G/s

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    Buzzing from Coil on '83 R80 G/s

    Hi Folks,

    Upgraded to Dyna coil (blue) on my R80 G/s a few weeks ago and when I turned the key on this morning, there was an electric buzzing sound coming form the coil area. I moved it around a bit and got it to stop, but has anyone seen this issue before? I assume it's a short but haven't had a chance to take the tank off yet.

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    I don't see why a normal coil would buzz...who did you buy it from...could you check with them? A coil consists of two sets of windings but nothing mechanical inside. The fact that you moved it around and things change seem strange. I might be inclined to move it back to see if the buzzing other words, make the problem come and go. Could there be a grounding issue?
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    Check your connections, something may be loose, plug wire ? Burning from arcing would seem to be a logical possibility to determine or eliminate.

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    With the bike in a dark garage on a moonless night, when things go bump in the night, fill the float bowls then remove the tank and start the bike. You may get an entertaining and enlightening light show!

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