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Thread: Suneam Model S7 and Sidecar in Scotland

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    Suneam Model S7 and Sidecar in Scotland

    I spent some of my last day (6/5) in Scotland at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. It's a free museum near the downtown area, and it's right on the side of the River Clyde. It has a large number of exhibits of vehicles, including a few, but not a lot of motorcycles. Among those are two BMW GS-A models said to have been used in the "Long Way Round" movie.

    I did spot an interesting motorcycle/sidecar combination made by Sunbeam/BSA. I think it's a Model S7, but others may know better than I. It has 500cc inline-twin engine, and power is transferred to the rear wheel via a shaft drive. Here are a couple of photos:


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    What a great looking sidecar

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