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Thread: Dumped my 2018 1200 GSA for 1st time

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    Dumped my 2018 1200 GSA for 1st time

    Got back from a great weekend of riding in the NC mountains. When I got back to my house outside Boone while parking my bike over it went. I have a gravel parking area with a incline. I turned the bike off as soon as I could roll over. Have lifted heavy bikes before and know the procedure, but because of the gravel and incline I could not get it lifted far enough to stand it up. After many attempts I decided to use a tractor and straps. That worked like a charm, should have done it first. The end result was the bike was on its side for about half an hour.few scratches on engine guards and saddlebag, but nothing bent or broken. My question is there anything I need to be concerned about. I have not ridden it since I happened but I started and moved it today and it smoked pretty good.
    Any advice other than ride it for awhile to see if the smoke clears up.


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    All bikes seem to take a “nap” at some time. There is a thread around here on this phenomenon
    I think you will be fine......after a short ride, check the oil and ride on.
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    Fuel leaking

    I have dropped mine about 5 times now, all at very low speed, no damage, except minor scratches to protection top and bottom bars. However, once when down I noticed that I got a fuel leak if I had much gas in the tank. Curious, I took the fuel cap off (e.g., disassembled it) the tank and observed that the BMW design of the interface between the cap and tank and found it wanting, just an O-ring that can leak when tipped over. So, if you bike tips over and you smell some gas you might wait 20 minutes for the leaked fuel to evaporate before motoring away. That is also a reason you should consider not filling up to the tippy top unless you are going to ride right away and really need that extra bit of fuel.

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    I have never dropped my bike...I swear.
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