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Thread: Motorcyclist Visibility

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    New Helite Air vest I think it will also help people see meName:  478BDF79-86C0-4CA1-BF25-E1BEE3CE95C6.jpg
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Size:  227.9 KBName:  56D90226-9CD7-4153-BBA5-021F9C46D053.jpg
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    Did not resize pictures so I am sideways but you get the idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie View Post
    Hank..... daytime is when you NEED high beams on......ambient day light easily obscures moto "low" beams ‼️
    I think with an LED headlight, 2 Denali driving lights, and the Skene Photon Blasters that I have daytime conspicuity covered quite well with my low beams. I think that using high beams would be annoying to oncoming traffic in daytime.

    " WWeldin
    Skene magic box?
    When you use the Skene controller with the D4 lights, does that mean they also have a conspicuity flicker? "

    WWeldin, the Skene Dimmer I control my driving lights with is a separate gizmo. It looks like the Photon Blaster and P3 Controllers but it is only for dimming LED lights. So my driving lights do not have the flicker.
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    If I were to go back in time (don't we wish), I would have ordered my Helite in the black version. I have additional lighting which makes the bike very visible.

    Unfortunately, for me, the neon Helite all too often makes viewing the GPS almost impossible with the reflection on the screen. One bike has it mounted on a shelf above the dash and the other bike's mount is on the left handlebar. The latter position is the easiest to read.
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    Exclamation High beams

    Hank..... I would agree that you are more visible than my target audience: smallish sports bikes, scooters, machines without supet aux lites
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