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Hmmmm how to respond. Yesterday I was in my car making a right turn from a stop sign. Itís near where I live and can be a tricky intersection as there are cars parked blocking an ideal view to the right. I exercised all due diligence and executed my right turn. I immediately looked in my rear view mirror and saw a MC turning onto the street I had just left. I donít think I cut him off but I sure as hell didnít see him when I turned! Maybe he was speeding and closed the (blind) gap THAT quickly maybe I actually didnít see him. From my brief glimpse, he wasnít wearing anything ďconspicuous ď but my point is, I didnít see him! Had he been asserting some unwritten right to go even FASTER and ASSUMED everyone would avoid him, he might be dead now. Iím not a mouthbreathing texting stupid driver who is unaware of or willfully ignoring motorcycles. I ride thousands of miles a year and try to drive hyper aware of motorcycles. No need for hostility, anyone can be the culprit and anyone the victim. I ride as if Iím not seen and use clothing speed brakes and light to be seen, evade, avoid. When there is a close call I make sure the driver finds out what he almost did ie I make my presence known, usually not hostily but in a way that the driver realizes I WAS THERE! As a driver I try to maximize my awareness (look twice for example, turn my head when changing lanes, etc. ) as a rider I use every tool to either be seen or get away with being invisible lol!
Sent you a PM, enjoy.