How many places in an airhead intake system produce vacuum leaks?

This is a question I have yet to answer and the total is five places so far.

Let me give you the places and see if you have had the same thing happen.

One, the plugs for the air injection system removal in the head. backed out or got loose.

Two, the intake metal tube in one head (where the carb mounts with a rubber tube). Forgive the technical jargon, LOL

Three, the plugs for the air injection removal into the bottoms of the carbs.

Four, the rubber tube holing the carb to the head clamps were loose on one side (the opposite side of the loose metal tube)

Five, the side of the carb, looks like a plug in the side from the factory.

Oh well, with 190000 miles on them I guess things come loose. At least they are easily fixable.

It is surprising how small a leak can make such a difference in idle. St.