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Thread: Membership Years Pins

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    Membership Years Pins

    I have been a proud member of the MOA for some years and have received various pins indicating my length of membership. Several of the pins that I have received have been very nice & I proudly display my years of membership with them. Many have been of a unique design based on the years that they represent. A few years ago I received my pin for 40 years of membership. I appreciate the pin but is the most nondescript little pin that I have received. I suppose that it's too late to change this, but it seems kinda sad that the membership year pin has become what it now is. It seems as though they might become a bit fancier as the years pile up. If you have any pins from previous milestone years take a look & see if you don't agree.

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    Probably doesn't really address your question, but I wanted to include a thread several years ago that had some discussion and posts about the various style of pins.
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