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Thread: New member greeting, and new old,, but new to me R60 US.

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    New member greeting, and new old,, but new to me R60 US.

    Hi all,
    I just joined, not knowing this community existed until last week. I have had several BMW's over the years and have paired it down to a 91 R100GS. But, found the R60 and it was love at first sight. All is coming along well, except for the seat height and position. It has a Denfeld with what looks to be std mounting hardware. I tried some 1" spacers under the rubber thing, and it drove the nose of the seat into the tank, and helped some. I would like to raise it and move it back slightly. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Jeff
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    Welcome, Jeff! She looks nice. Looks to be an R60US with the regular forks. Is a '68 or '69? Nice pillion pad...don't see those too often.

    Unfortunately, with the solo saddle, that's about it. The bench seat offers more room to slide around. There is an extension that can be built for the solo t-bar. I'd have to look around to find the pictures. On the website beemergarage, there are pictures of old tanks...the extension is in there somewhere.
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    Thanks I found it. Looks like it will do what I need.

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