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Thread: Route suggestion Albany NY to rally site

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    Route suggestion Albany NY to rally site

    Leaving Albany, NY on Tuesday morning and arrive afternoon Thursday in Lebanon. Preference : scenic and country road. We know that we will have to ride highway. Any suggestion.......

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    If you have enough time I'd catch 219 at Grampian PA and head south all the way to where it crosses New River. Then you are in western VA -that and NW TN are pretty scenic toward Nashville.

    You could always go more direct through KY, but I think that southern route through WV is nicer. and helps you get out of populated areas quicker. The Monongahela National Forest is pretty special.

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    I'm being sincere in stating this; your about one half day (5 or 6hrs) short of "ideal" travel time, IF you spend a 400 mile day on your preference of

    scenic and country roads, through any of the states you must travel through.

    Your looking at 1,0000+ miles of distance/ 21 hrs that preference... or 950mi/16 hrs interstate.

    For two and a half days travel... weather and other factors (construction/detours, ect) have to work out well.

    But it can be accomplished dedicating 10 to 12 hours of actual travel progress each day, and the central KY approach would allow you best progress.

    Have a look at google maps for example, to consider your route choices/preferences.

    Have a good ride and wishing you pleasant weather, see you there.

    "travel'n" John

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