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Thread: DVD Repair Manual now shows unlimited license

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    DVD Repair Manual now shows unlimited license

    I got a new laptop and wanted to install the DVD on it. I was careful to deactivate the license on my previous laptop. As I attempted to activate the new laptop, I was surprised to see that I now have unlimited license. I decided to also install it on a desktop to see if I got the same license and sure enough, the desktop informed me that I have unlimited license.
    Looks like BMW has updated their license policy. I'm glad because the activation process was horrible and I lost a license with a windows 10 feature update.
    Has anyone else seen this behavior?
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    YES! In 2015 I bought the DVD from the dealer and installed it on my garage laptop and my desktop.

    Then bought a new desktop and installed a new hard drive in the garage laptop.

    At one point (I don't remember when...), I could no longer register the software so it was unusable. I did not know about "un-registering" the software and did not know it had limited licenses until it was too late; I already had tried to reinstall it too many times.

    Until you posted this message, the DVD has been sitting in my drawer. I just reinstalled it on my desktop and it works!

    The note now says unlimited license.

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