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Thread: Exhaust-Tire clearance

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    Exhaust-Tire clearance

    I've got a "new to me" 2008 K12GT. When I bought it the muffler was about a 1/4" from the rear tire and there were marks on the exhaust from the tire. I loosened the exhaust clamp, adjusted the gap between the tire and muffler and clamp to 1.5". After a few hundred miles the gap is less. I've done this twice. This can't be normal. Anyone ever see anything like this?


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    There are a few models that mention the clearance in the owners manual. It can rotate at clamp between can and header. No biggie, just check when reinstalling or when checking air pressure.

    My RT and K12S could close the gap if the collar band was not tight or not paying attention when bolting the can back in place. The gap should be closer to an inch without looking at a manual. You look good to go.
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