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Thread: American taking Normandy/Ohmah Beach Daytrip from Paris

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    American taking Normandy/Ohmah Beach Daytrip from Paris

    I'll be traveling from the U.S. to Paris for vacation and want to rent a BMW for a day trip to Omaha/Normandy Beaches. I know I can rent one but looking advice from someone who may have done this. TY

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    Although we did not rent a motorbike for our daytrip from Paris to Normandy you will definitely enjoy the ride. We were on a coach and was amazed at some for the small village roads the coach had to take. I am speaking of the vehicle corners and the mirror clearances with houses and the like. Enjoy the ride. Just watch out for coaches in the older villages.

    We booked a motorbike rental in London for a trip into Wales (end of June.) Book far in advance as you can. We booked in September. European holidays (vacations) will snap up all available inventory and limit what you can ride. We are taking our own riding gear to hire a new R1250RT (woo hoo). We wanted the R1200RT and it got rented out before we could put down a deposit. They gave us an RS, which is fine. In February they contacted us to inform us a new RT was available, which we will rent.

    Just browsing, I saw quite a few options in Paris, which I cannot provide any insight yet. Good luck with your trip.

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