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Thread: Need rear brake help

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    Sliding calipers (pistons on only one side, like most rear brakes and a few front ones) need to slide well in order to work properly. If they don't, then once the non-piston pad wears the braking force just flexes the disk away from the piston and you have reduced effect. At least once per year I have to free up a caliper that doesn't slide any more.
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    Did some penetrating oil, kept working the pistons and did repeat bleedings using the “traditional” method rather than my ez bleed. I now have brakes. My theory there was some corrosion that prevented the pistons from extending normally and my initial bleeding did not do the trick. At least that makes sense to me. My question is how to prevent that from happening next season. The bike is kept in an unheated, well insulated garage on a battery tender.
    I have a grave concern with the use of penetrating oil. Typically seals designed for brake fluid don't tolerate petroleum well. There is much discussion about this concerning the hydraulic clutch circuits when BMW switched from DOT 4 to Mineral Oil and what happens when the wrong fluid is used. Monitor things carefully.
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