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Thread: Paint , original or exotic?

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    Paint , original or exotic?

    I have a 96 RT1100, 82500 miles on it with all the dings and scratches that go with that time. Resale is 3 to 5K but I have put new shocks on 2 years ago and fell in love with it all over again. Had a lower cover melt after leaving it too rich in warm up. Have new faring piece. So now it needs painting. The question up for you all is....match stock color or find a fun color and make it mine or even is it worth the cost of paint at all. figure $1500 and up for a paint job and then replace the old rubber knee pads as well. Post your comments please.


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    I would go with contacting Color Rite and buy an aerosol can of paint to match your replacement piece. The 1100 RT series is readily available for $2500-3500 depending on mileage and condition. Putting a $1500 paint job on it is not worth it. Of course, I am one of those guys that will spend whatever is necessary just because I like piece of machinery, but I am trying to be practical in giving my opinion.
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    I also believe your "resale value " is extremely high!

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    Rattle can both lower covers satin black and ride it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoorUB View Post
    Rattle can both lower covers satin black and ride it!
    Best advice yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAS View Post
    I also believe your "resale value " is extremely high!
    I have to agree. Around here, $2000 to $2500 seems to be the going rate. I believe a lot of professional paint suppliers ( who will also sell to individuals) can mix up and put into aerosol cans their auto paints. It will be single stage paint without hardener but aside from a longer dry time, it will work fine.

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    Forget all that other stuff. Looks like your keeping the bike, paint it what ever you like. Ride and enjoy. Rock and Roll!

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    I used to get the Jegs catalog in the mail. They sell paint and I kept looking at the ads.

    My Bronco brown 1980 R65 ended up Wimbledon White. Like a ford or a Chevy. I loved it. I wish I did it sooner. Paint wa about $100 I guess and the gun maybe $50. I built a spray booth in my garage and after sanding and such knocks it out in an afternoon.

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    Paint , original or exotic?

    Well...Iím sort of in the same boat as you, in the sense of I try to weigh the cost of buying something, such as an upgrade against the value of the bike.

    But In reality, I have no plans of selling it anyway, not to mention Iíve done so much to upgrade and personalize it, that the math would never work out if I based my decision on the value. So I try to refrain from basing my decision on value and whether or not Iíll ever get my money out of it. It just never pencilís out. I suggest basing your decision on whether it makes you happy and if it will enhance your riding experience.

    I have an older bike like yours, except mine is an Ď02 R1150RT with just under 30k miles. Itís probably one of the nicest kept RTís of its year and has many upgrades. With all that said, I would estimate the value of my bike is probably only worth $3-3,500. So I do feel your bike value estimate is quite a bit on the high side. Then again, value is a relative thing and in the aspect of riding enjoyment, what our bikes are worth is completely irrelevant.

    My advice is just ride it and enjoy it. Do whatever makes you happy and if that means a custom paint job, then go for it.

    Ride safe!

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