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Thread: Skyline Drive

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    Smile Skyline Drive

    I am taking the long way to Lebanon, via the BRP.
    I have ridden most of it and driven all of it, though not all at once.
    Something I want to change on this trip.
    I have been on the Skyline drive when the kids were little, 20+ years ago.
    So I was thinking of starting there in Front Royal and going all the way down.
    The real question is, will it be worth doing Skyline Dr?
    It's only an extra 105 miles but I have read posts of riders being hassled and ticketed and picked on by the cops.
    Nobody can predict, but is there a history of that and worth taking the chance?


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    It was nice

    Paying $25 to ride a motorcycle 3 hours at a brisk 35 mph
    I don’t know what mindset law enforcement people on skyline drive have, the any ticket I can give you or the hey slowdown and enjoy the ride. It is possible that during the great invasion of our southern border, Ranger A-Hole May be somewhere down in that area

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    Living in NC I ride the BPR all the time but only last year had I ever been on Skyline Drive. I was VERY impressed. Once on it you know why it got that name. The views are very nice! About the cost ... if you have a National Park Pass it is free! And if you are 62 years or more the National Park Pass is a one time fee of $70 or $80. A bargain! Honestly I think it is worth it even if you have to pay and heck the payment goes to support the road!
    Ed Apelian
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    It's worth doing...once.

    The northern end of the BRP is a lot like it, but a few mph faster. Scenic, but all the scenery goes down. After a couple hundred miles I missed the feeling of riding IN the scenery instead of flying above it all. I'd take twisty breaks when the GPS showed a particularly inviting side road, then return to the BRP to soldier on. A bit south of Roanoke it got much better all the way to the end. But I'd definitely avoid it on weekends.

    Skyline and the northern part of the BRP is relaxing. The southern part is exciting. There's a riding style for each.

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    I'm a big fan of both Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yes, the speed limit is low and that's for a reason: it's difficult to maximize enjoyment of the scenery when traveling at a fast pace, and the number of tourists pulling off and on the roadway from viewpoints creates a safety concern that the slower speeds help mitigate.

    Very highly recommended roadways, but you'll enjoy them best if you're "all about the journey and less about the destination".


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    Skyline Drive is a beautiful road, just relax and enjoy the ride.
    Bob Smith
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    skyline drive

    to jnrugg,

    you won't regret it! AND, when you reach mile 86 of the BRP, park the bike & spend the night at the fabulous Peaks of Otter Lodge! Food & accomodations are outstanding!
    See you there!
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    I would do it...

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    Great Advise

    Peaks at Otter Lodge is the best!!! You may not want to leave.
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    Do it, it's a nice trip. And... If you don't ride you will always wonder what if.

    As for the PO-PO hassling you, just don't speed or ride wheelies... lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by markmacrae View Post
    to jnrugg,

    you won't regret it! AND, when you reach mile 86 of the BRP, park the bike & spend the night at the fabulous Peaks of Otter Lodge! Food & accomodations are outstanding!
    See you there!
    Peaks of Otter is nice! I also stayed at Skyland on the Skyline. The food was good and so was the sunset.
    To the OP, take your time and enjoy the park.

    Ride Safe!
    '16 RT

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    I found going slow on the straights and speeding up a bit in the curves made it interesting.
    The cabins at Big meadows were cool. There's a restaurant/pub that had a pretty good local beer selection for decent prices.
    And the entertainment was interesting.
    Worth the diversion.

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    And as you pass:
    Blue Ridge Parkway. Mile Post 58+-. Double parking Overlook. Two picnic tables 10’ from the Creek (Otter Creek). Usually one in the shade. Soak your gear and/or your dogs in the hot part of the day. Very peaceful stop. Usually nobody around.


    p.s. use your turn signals entering and exiting overlooks so the little Ranger won’t hold you up for a warning. He has an attitude. He thinks it is his Park. He forgot that it belongs to us.

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    I have ridden skyline drive many times and have enjoyed it. Stay away on weekends or the 35mph speedlimit is real! BRP is also awesome but don't do either if you are in a hurry.
    Enjoy the ride
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    Headed South

    We’ve traveled the length of Shenandoah National Park through driving, motorcycling, camping or backpacking multiple times in the past. It’s absolutely fantastic and that's why we keep going back. But the wife and I are finally headed south on the BRP in June. This will be the first time south of SNP and we're really looking forward to it. This trip was scheduled twice before but had to be cancelled due to her working conflicts. We'll be taking about 10 days for the round trip from NJ with most of those days spent roaming the BRP and only a couple days to return via the quickest route. We’ve planned our hotels to be no more than approximately 4.5 hours apart, with some exceptions, calculating the 45 MPH speed limit. I’ll be taking my KLT trike as it’s the most comfortable and relaxed mode with what will most likely be many, many stops for pictures or just taking in and enjoying the sights…….
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