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Thread: Radar Detector Mounting on a K1600 GT

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    Radar Detector Mounting on a K1600 GT

    Interested in buying a new 2019 K1600 GT sport model. Moving from a GSA that is effectively set up as a street machine.

    One hold up is where to mount a Radar Detector. I currently have an Adaptive Technologies unit that is mounted to the left handlebar. Problem - K1600 GT models have "flat" or non-round handlebars.

    Has anyone attempted this on their K-bike?



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    Welcome to the forum! I notice there are a couple of older threads that are 1600-specific in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen. That might be a place to start looking while other 1600 owners weigh in with ideas.
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    I use this on my K16:

    Cuts down on glare on the GPS significantly and serves as a platform for other gadgets like a garage door opener and such.

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    Solution for radar mount for a K1600GTL

    I just received my "Telferizer" ram mount. I ordered it from Bob Telfer the manufacturer in Cheshire, England. You pop out the BMW logo covering the steering head, and screw it in. It is perfect. I use a Valentine One on a small platform from Twisted Throttle.

    His website is


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