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Thread: THE 2021 Montana MOA Re-Schedule (previous 2020 Great Falls Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREGFEELER View Post
    TS is not nearly big enough to survive as a holdout when the SHIF. I'm with akbeemer that a place like North 40 is what's needed. You will need lots of supplies and a defensible perimeter.

    Sheep Herder Bunker.png

    Perhaps, for a Zombie Sheep Invasion......
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post

    Sheep Herder Bunker.png

    Perhaps, for a Zombie Sheep Invasion......
    You can never be too careful!
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    The Cincinnati Ohio riverfront (Ky side) & the Cape/Space Coast of Flordia.... when not out -- "travel'n"
    If they allowed camping around back... we could hold a Rally there. Bet there's even a receptacle for the CPAP folks!
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    According to a report I just read on Bloomberg, the character of Montana is rapidly changing. Between the expanding virus 🦠 and “bucks up” migrating people from the cities, now working from “home”.
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