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Thread: 2020 bmw r18

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    They are all air cooled. Sometimes the air cools metal. Sometimes the air cools both metal and oil in an oil cooler. Sometimes air cools metal and coolant in a radiator. But they are all air cooled.
    I think we all including myself forget that most of the cooling is in fact air and oil. Yes we have water but it is a targeted water "jacket" around the flame point and is a very small area.

    I like the R18 a bunch but I am sure I could not touch it price wise as fixed incomes change spending perspectives a bit.

    The white R 9T bike pictured in this thread is set up very nice with those bags.
    The above is worth what you paid for it..........
    Lee 2017.5 R 1200 GSW

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