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    Note: Haven't done any research yet and wanted to see what you all have to share first...

    So I'm looking to rebuild my suspension next year and considering taking my 2015 GSA from the Factory Lowered suspension to a standard suspension. What all needs to be replaced?

    Appreciate your insights.


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    Both shocks, side stand, center stand?

    I am not sure anything else is needed.

    If I had a chance and this is just me. I would like to see what happens standard shocks and the lowered side stand. I hated that my RT stood too upright and I hate that even my Low GS is too upright for my liking.

    In my case I cant do anything except have it cut and welded.

    I do understand why they stand them strait then I (we) would like is the weight getting it to center off the side stand. On the RT one time I had to be pushed up as I could not get enough leverage to get the bike to center and I fussed at it for a bit before I asked a fellow club member to push me up

    At any rate I think that is it unless you need to adjust fork oil but I am very unsure if that is so.
    2017.5 R 1200 GSW

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