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Thread: Paring Experts Needed

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    Paring Experts Needed

    I purchased a new 1250 GS the other day, and have trouble getting my phone contacts and "Media" on the TFT screen. Here is how I paired my devices:

    1. I paired my Sena SRL for the Shoei Neotec II helmet to the TFT primary phone connection.

    2. I paired my Sena SRL to the NAV VI on the GPS connection.

    3. I paired my iPhone X to the TFT.

    4. I paired my iPhone X to the Nav VI.

    I don't know if there is an easier way to do it. I did just read in my owner's manual that phones running iOS the BMW Motorad Connected App must be called up before using. I will have to try that tomorrow, but don't have any expectations that it will let me view my contacts on the TFT screen.

    For clarification I can't use any of the "Phone" or "Media" features on the TFT.

    Thanks, Adam

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    Getting everything paired and started up in the right order is a pain. I have a SENA 20S paired with Stereo,NAv, Android Phone, and radar detector.

    I'd recommend contact SENA, they were very helpful getting my setup established.


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    Sena pairing

    Here are some instructions I gathered from several sources;

    It is important to pair your music audio and phone GPS audio separately.
    Pair in this order:
    Pair your Smart phone to your GPS. ( not your SENA Headset)

    Pair your SENA headset to your bikes radio sound system using the rotating dial on the left handlebar. Go into the menus the scroll thru till you see the audio.

    Select Audio, then Helmet 1 push the wheel to the right to make it search for the SENA headset. It will find the SENA 20s-push the wheel towards the right ( don't rotate it, just push it and let it search.

    On the SENA- push the phone button in and hold until you hear phone pairing, immediately push and release the jog dial- you will here selective media pairing.
    Wait for the SENA and your bike to pair up. You will see the bike show it's done and the SENA will suddenly go Blue and you will hear music
    Once you have done this. Turn off the radio.
    Turn on the GPS and go to settings, then blue tooth.

    Push scan- push the phone button on the SENA again while it's powered up, until it says phone pairing, release and tap the phone button once more and you will hear it say selective audio pairing. Look for the GPS to find the SENA 20S select it and allow it to pair.

    You can now turn on everything phone, radio-sirius x-m etc. and GPS.
    Your GPS or your phone may ask you if it can access your address book phone history. Say yes or allow. This will allow your gps to have access to your phones connections-address-phone numbers-call history etc.

    You should set the phone Blue tooth to discoverable only to paired devices in the phones Blue tooth settings menu.

    You should see the home page of the gps w/ a blue phone Icon, the SENA will say phone paired, media paired etc.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to see the settings on your SENA 20S you must pair the phone directly to the SENA using the phone button. Simply hold it down until you hear phone pairing and let go, while scanning in blue tooth until you see the SENA 20S Select the 20S on your phone and it is paired. Once I have done this and adjust the settings on my 20S on my phone, I usually go back into the phone and unpair the SENA 20S and phone so it doesn't interfere w/ phone calls on the GPS

    Hope this is useful.

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